Welcome to Covax Data. It is with great excitement that we bring to you our Polymer platform. Polymer was borne from the reality that, despite all of the talk and use of the phrase “data security,” there are few, if any, software platforms that actually protect the data. Security has been focused on things like end-point protection, network monitoring, firewalls, antivirus, and encryption. These methods are, on almost a daily basis, proving to be inadequate.

Covax Data set out to build a platform that protects the data at the data level – the ultimate end-point. We wanted to build something that gives organizations control and peace of mind, especially with respect to sensitive data and regulatory compliance. Any such solution, while simple in its mission, requires multiple levels of security and protection – enforcing policies while providing layers of control. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and an innovative form of blockchain, Covax Data is able to provide exactly that – data control!

Polymer is an omnibus solution that works with all data types across all of your platforms. We also work with all of the legacy security technologies to fill the security gaps that have plagued companies for years. Where previous intrusions may have gone undetected for months or years, e.g. Starwood/Marriott, we provide instant notice and assurance if any unauthorized data access might occur. Additionally, we provide digital armor to guard your data from potential intruders through our Covax Data platform. Finally, if regulatory compliance requires the ultimate deletion of data, we digitally shred ALL copies of the data and provide an audit trail of its complete life cycle. And that is extremely valuable in today’s world where $100M’s of fines are being levied for GDPR violations.

Polymer’s expansive use cases can be implemented with no network and data disruption, making for new and compelling business outcomes for most any enterprise. We look forward to keeping you informed of our endless possibilities!

Originally Posted On: February 14, 2020