Highly Performant

Highly Performant

Traditional blockchains top-out in the thousands of transactions per second. Covax Data’s Polymer Chain is built for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

Intelligently Immutable

Committing data to traditional blockchains means committing data forever. Polymer Chain is intelligently immutable allowing for the secure reduction or truncation of the chain.


Blockchain is notorious for high resource utilization, demanding large amounts of power. Polymer Chain’s innovative design requires a fraction of one percent of traditional amounts.

No Crypotcurrency

No Crypotcurrency

Many blockchain technologies have a cryptocurrency base which incentivizes the “public” to participate. This introduces motivation for bad actors, as well as regulatory and market risks.

Why Data Integrity Matters


Data is changing the way the world works. Businesses are more data-driven than ever, using data to make decisions across the organization. In order to make effective decisions, business leaders need to be able to trust the data that’s driving those decisions. Data integrity provides that trust. If you are going to invest in the data, doesn’t it make sense to be able to trust it? Assurance is insurance.


Data doesn’t just drive business, it can also protect your business. From proving compliance with regulatory requirements, to defending yourself against litigation or baseless warranty claims, data has the power to protect. To most effectively do that, the veracity of the data must be absolute. Data integrity, particularly when proven by independent third-parties, provides that certainty.


Data integrity has the ability to act as both a deterrent and early warning system for critical applications. Fringe actors are less likely to commit malicious acts when they know everything they do is immutably traced to them. Other times, bad actors will attempt to cover there tracks by altering log files or data streams. By comparing these to immutable digital twins can reveal inconsitencies and tampering.


Internet of Things

  • Provide Proof of State and/or Chain of Custody for data relating to specific processes or activity
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and reduce potential liability with data points such as operating parameters, sensor alerts, and predictive maintenance logs
  • Assess and manage trustworthiness of data created by connected devices – quickly identify errors, malfunctioning equipment, and potential malicious behavior

Digital and Device Security

  • Prevent malicious or pirated code from being utilized in software or firmware applications by periodically verifying against the published version
  • Create an alertable Chain of Custody for archived data to monitor for unauthorized access
  • Create immutable versions of native application logs to quickly detect malicious activity

Gaming and Sportsbooks

  • Defend against claims of data manipulation by utilizing an independent third-party
  • Protect the integrity of your data from attacks designed to manipulate wagers, odds or outcomes
  • Provide independent validation of customer acknowledgments and actions


  • Improve public trust through independent validation of police dash and body camera footage
  • Create a Chain of Custody on digital evidence or classified information
  • Improve veracity of operational logs of government owned equipment or devices to prove operational state

Application Security

  • Create an early warning system for critical applications
  • Improve transparency by creating immutable digital twins of application logs
  • Implement a strong deterrent strategy for defending against internal threats

Highly Regulated Industries

  • Defend against implications of data manipulation in the audit process
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of proving compliance
  • Gain visibility into who is accessing critical data and what they are doing

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