Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing virtually every industry. Billions of connected devices transmitting trillions of data points every minute – many driving critical infrastructure and generating sensitive data – all susceptible to a wide range of threats.

Software Supply Chain

As the world becomes more connected and data driven, software is the primary component. Because of this, software and firmware will be under constant threat from both bad actors and unintentional configuration and development errors.


Governments operate much like private enterprise, only they are larger and tasked with greater responsibilities. As such, they are targeted more frequently and by more skilled, better funded adversairies. At Covax Data we are committed to helping our government combat and overcome these threats.

Gaming and Sportsbooks

The gaming and sports betting industry is undergoing a transformational shift and, with that, becoming a target for increased regulation and litigation.

Application Security

Software applications are the creators and keepers of the world’s data. As such, they are targets for bad actors looking to steal, corrupt, or destroy data. Bad actors have become adept at moving stealthily and covering their tracks, allowing unchecked access for far too long.

Highly Regulated Industries

Highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, and public services are required to comply with onerous regulations around data safeguards. Unlike litigation, these organizations are required to prove their compliance with all applicable regulations, they are not afforded any deference or benfit of the doubt.

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