Benefit from the rewards and market moving opportunity of joining the Covax Partner program. Covax Polymer is unrivaled with the timing of offering this data-centric cybersecurity solution, and we empower you to easily integrate Covax with other technologies. Polymer has been built to seamlessly “bolt on” to other solutions to fill existing technology gaps, as well as provide distinctive new value to secure information lifecycle management.

We understand the need to align our technology with your current solutions and business. We also want to make it simple and easy for you to add a compelling new platform like Polymer, and educate your professionals about its hallmark features and functions.


Our partnerships are built on trust and appreciation with rewards stemming from your investment and loyalty. We are committed to delivering the best solution to complement your abilities to resell technology and/or deliver a service. And we back that up with partner support and dedication to ensure that you furnish the best value to your customers.

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