With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and lifestyle consequences have been relentlessly harsh and unprecedented. The Covax Data team hopes this post finds all of our audience healthy and safe. We also hope your computing networks and environments are healthy and safe, but security threats have increased by orders of magnitude due to this viral nightmare.

Most every business enterprise, small and large, has been precipitously cast into a work-from-home new reality. This virtual, remote work mandate has caused the extension of the workplace enterprise to the endmost edge, with potentially hundreds of thousands of endpoints. This now includes virtual classroom data, sensitive remote health records, confidential customer and personal data, and the list just goes on. As a direct result, companies’ data has been stretched unimaginably from the data center and enterprise infrastructure, making for new IT challenges and, unfortunately, “easy pickins” for cyber terrorists and hacks.

Over the past few weeks, IT services installations of VPNs, virtual desktop infrastructures, enhanced band-with, etc. have skyrocketed. And companies have also focused on endpoint vulnerability, but with traditional security tools centered around network intrusion prevention/detection, encryption, and anti-malware. Given the daily failure of traditional cyber security technologies in the enterprise environment, the new normal of remote workplace presents a data security perfect storm. According to Proofpoint, the total volume of phishing emails and other security threats relating to COVID-19 now represents the largest assault ever of cyber attacks around a single theme.

The only way to protect enterprise data today, is to actually protect the data! With the virtual office, both external and internal security risks are greatly amplified and, to a substantial degree, present first impression conditions. No computing environment has ever existed like this before. With Covax Data, we can provide comfort and assurance that even if bad actors are within your extended network, they cannot access your data. Additionally, you will know immediately about any attempted access. And if the attack happens internally, you will also know immediately and can disable access in seconds.

With Covax Data protected data molecules, chain of custody, and 24/7 insightful AI surrounding your data and usage, you maintain complete data control, especially during such unprecedented times. The coronavirus is going to change the way we work, probably permanently, but Covax Data is going to change the way you realize data security, in COVID times and permanently. Be Safe!

Originally Posted On: April 6, 2020