Covax Data’s Polymer fills the gap in the cybersecurity stack of software

Tucson, AZ, USA, September 1, 2020–Covax Data, Inc., a visionary cybersecurity SaaS provider, today announced the rollout of its transformational Polymer platform. Polymer was borne from the reality that, despite all the talk and use of the phrase “data security,” there are few, if any, software platforms that actually protect the data itself. Instead, security has been focused on functions such as endpoint protection, network monitoring, firewalls, antivirus, etc., that daily prove to be inadequate. In contrast, the Polymer platform provides complete control of the data at the data level – the ultimate end-point.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and an innovative form of blockchain, Polymer protects data on the front-end and the back-end, against both external and internal threats. Utilizing unique data molecules and a patented chain of custody, Polymer encapsulates data in digital armor, enabling complete control over, and visibility into, data throughout its lifecycle.

With Polymer, any touches to data are first verified, and then immutably real-time registered to create a new link in the chain of custody. Even failed attempts to access data trigger immediate notice, and if bad actors somehow make it through to the data, Polymer enables remote access blockage and even remote destruct of the data.

“Covax Data was founded on the premise that a shift in focus was long overdue for the world of data security. Our goal is to make sure our users are always aware of any access to their data or a possible security threat. The Polymer solution is a holistic three-pronged security approach utilizing patented blockchain lite, AI, and ML to protect and provide actual data control. We do the work, so you don’t have to”, stated Bill Caple, Co-CEO of Covax Data. “Polymer is also ideal for regulatory compliance and corporate best practices, especially with its immutable audit trail and content searchability features, even of encrypted data. And with our ever-increasing virtual world, and COVID-19 new realities, we have learned that change can occur suddenly, making it Covax Data’s job to deliver tomorrow’s best data security practices today.”

Polymer goes where the data goes, regardless of data type or format. Designed to complement existing systems, Polymer is quick to implement and deploy and adds virtually no system latency or storage footprint uptick.

Covax Data is here to protect the most valuable commodity of our time, data, moving you beyond data security to data control, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the unknown. Contact us today and request a demo at

About Covax Data

Covax Data is committed to delivering holistic solutions to complex problems. We leverage the latest technologies to create data-centric solutions that optimize the true value of data – its usefulness. We take a unique and thoughtful approach that is designed around our customers’ needs, requiring minimal change to business processes and workflow. At Covax Data, we strive to make technology that works for you – powerful, pragmatic, and complete.

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Press Release – September 1st, 2020

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