Why Partner with Covax Data

Our Partner program offers opportunities for you to collaborate with us to deliver superior solutions to your customers.

Whether you partner with Covax Data as a VAR/MSP/VAD, OEM, Alliance Partner, or Consultant Referral Partner, this comprehensive program opens the door to new markets and customers by enabling you to successfully deliver Covax Data’s industry-leading data security solutions

As a Covax Data partner, you benefit from

  • Our commitment to provide you with compelling, unique technology, support, and services
  • A structured program with performance-based rewards tied to your level of commitment/participation
  • Incentive-based programs such as MDF
  • 24/7 training (technical and sales)
  • A Web-based portal providing easy access to your partner profile, deal registration, leads, pipeline, pricing information, presentation materials, case studies, a dedicated partner library, and more

Partnering to Deliver the Future of Data Security

Joining our Partner program provides new opportunities to access more market segments and empowers you to easily integrate other technologies with the Covax Data Polymer platform. Polymer has been built to seamlessly “bolt on” to other solutions to fill existing technology gaps in cyber security deployments, as well as provide distinctive new value to secure information lifecycle management. We want our partnership to be successful for you, so we want to find the right “fit” (level of participation) for you in our program.

Our primary categories of Partner are:
VAR/MSP/VAD | OEM | Alliance Partner | Consultant Referral Partners


Our VAR/MSP/VADs manage relationships with their current and new customers, from identifying opportunities to successful deployment and implementation of solutions, including Covax Data Polymer. These partners also provide valuable services and other technologies on a routine basis, while usually managing some level of support.

A Covax Data OEM Partner generally implements Covax Data Polymer as an integrated component of its proprietary technology business solutions, whether through private labeling or otherwise.

Covax Data Alliance partners primarily are independent software vendors, hardware providers, and/or cloud platform and services providers that add Covax Polymer to their platforms and solutions.

Consultant Referral Partners are provided an uncomplicated process for referring and advocating for Covax Data. They typically leverage their existing channels, networks, and customer bases.