October 27, 2020 –

Covax Data, a visionary cybersecurity SaaS provider, is pleased to announce a partnership with OTG Consulting. OTG Consulting is “a consortium of the industry’s most influential and connected telecom executives.” We are excited to integrate our unique Polymer platform, which goes deeper than other security measures, with OTG’s network. As the number of breaches continues to rise, our goal is to partner with companies that understand the best practices for reducing that risk. The union of Covax Data and OTG Consulting creates a huge opportunity to deliver a holistic approach to data security.

“Covax Data Polymer is the future of data security as a service,” notes John T Shave, Chief Business Officer at Covax Data. “We are excited to partner with OTG Consulting’s world-class team and CEO Jeffrey Pearl. OTG’s great channel partner network, coupled with Polymer data security, is a winning solution in the future of protecting critical data solutions.”

“We are very excited to add Covax Data to our mix of premier offerings,” stated Jeffrey Pearl, CEO and Co-Founder of OTG Consulting. “We pride ourselves in bringing the best solutions to our clients. We feel that Covax Data is bringing something different to the table that is desperately needed at this time.”

About Covax Data

Covax Data is committed to delivering holistic solutions to complex problems. We leverage the latest technologies to create data-centric solutions that optimize data’s real value – its usefulness. We take a unique and thoughtful approach designed around our customers’ needs, requiring minimal change to business processes and workflow. At Covax Data, we strive to make technology that works for you – powerful, pragmatic, and complete. For more information, visit www.covaxdata.com.

About OTG Consulting

OTG Consulting boasts the most robust portfolio of IT technology solutions in the channel to meet real-world customer needs. We help partners solve tricky customer IT needs and deliver the desired business outcome through next-generation IT technology solutions. Areas of focus include providing cloud, colocation, connectivity, DRaaS, UCaaS, security, and many other offerings. For more information, visit www.otgconsulting.net.

At Covax Data, we are very excited to partner with OTG Consulting and provide advanced cybersecurity solutions through a vast network for many businesses worldwide.


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