October 1, 2020 –

Covax Data, a visionary cybersecurity SaaS provider, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Mavenspire, a leader in providing and implementing technology solutions for their clients. This relationship will enable an opportunity to increase the knowledge of our unique product while empowering our customers with a solution to meet their data security needs. As the world of cybersecurity continues to get more complex and dangerous, it is our mutual goal to provide our customers with the highest-level security solutions, best practices and awareness.

“We are very pleased and excited to begin our partnership with Mavenspire”, stated Bill Caple, Co-CEO of Covax Data. “Mavenspire has been a long-standing technology innovator by providing unique IT solutions while incorporating the foremost brands. The leadership at Mavenspire is renowned for its professional capabilities and technical expertise. Combining Covax Data’s ground-breaking Polymer solution with such leadership provides a very compelling offering for a significant market.”

Brett Hair, Mavenspire VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships said, “Covax Data is a great complement to our current suite of cyber security and data storage services. The bad guys are getting more sophisticated and a holistic security strategy requires an early heads-up when suspicious data behavior occurs.”

About Covax Data

Covax Data is committed to delivering holistic solutions to complex problems. We leverage the latest technologies to create data-centric solutions that optimize the true value of data – its usefulness. We take a unique and thoughtful approach that is designed around our customers’ needs, requiring minimal change to business processes and workflow. At Covax Data, we strive to make technology that works for you – powerful, pragmatic, and complete. For more information visit www.covaxdata.com

About Mavenspire

Mavenspire is an engineering-led company with a deep understanding of technology that allows them to solve problems no one else can solve. They provide their clients with SMARTaaS solutions to tackle complex business needs and bring enterprise-level engineering expertise to companies of any size. For over 20 years, Mavenspire has successfully completed many complex technology projects for their clients, solving the tough problems to keep businesses moving forward and enable their clients’ long-term success. For more information visit www.mavenspire.com

At Covax Data, we are very excited to partner with Mavenspire and working together to provide high-quality solutions and products to our customers.


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