|  Love Your Lawyers—Give Them Covax Data!  |

One of William Shakespeare’s most famous creations is the line, “let’s kill all the lawyers,” from the play Henry VI. Thankfully for the legal profession, such butchering never occurred and, while lawyers occasionally suffer satirical criticisms and stereotyping, at Covax Data, we want to recognize “Love Your Lawyer Day,” November 6, 2020. 

Lawyers have tremendous pressures and responsibilities to perform in a prescribed professional manner, with certain potential sanctions and liabilities for non-compliance. Paramount among these responsibilities is the obligation to keep client data confidential and secure. To proffer our lawyer love, Covax Data has built its Polymer platform to be the ultimate data security solution for legal practice areas and client files and information. Polymer uniquely solves the data security problem not addressed by current network security platforms by focusing on the client data itself, the ultimate endpoint. Covax Data ensures that if bad actors get behind the curtain, they cannot access critical data, and if the threat comes from inside, it can be identified, tracked, and shut down immediately. Polymer utilizes patented blockchain lite technology to create flexible data molecules and a lifetime digital chain of custody for files. All access/touches to data, and attempted access, are immutably logged with any anomalies creating instant alerts.

Law firms have become ever-increasing targets of sophisticated security hacks while subject to ever-increasing data security requirements and challenges. “Legal holds,” e-discovery, and public company corporate transactions are just a few of the current legal actions mandating the maximum data security.

Give some love to the lawyers in your life by introducing them to Covax Data! Polymer will enable their professional practices with the ultimate security solution, especially during virtual office Covid-19 times. With Polymer, client data integrity, confidentiality, and compliant transparency will be assured. And even when it is time for compliant deletion of data, Polymer ensures that every copy is digitally shredded with an immutable, auditable record of the data’s lifecycle. 

Originally Posted On: November 5, 2020