Halbert Lindquist is the Chairman and co-Founder of Covax Data, as well as the primary venture backer of the Company. Hal, a retired Partner and Senior Managing Director at The Blackstone Group, has fifty years’ experience in the financial industry. Mr. Lindquist was responsible for building Blackstone’s Hedge Fund Solutions Group from $1B in partners money into a $60B global bellwether. An integral part of Blackstone’s success, both in attracting clients and producing solid results, was Mr. Lindquist’s data-driven approach to allocating capital and managing risk. Hal was the primary visionary for Blackstone Alternative Asset Management’s proprietary data platform. As part of this focus on data Mr. Lindquist was acutely aware of the value of data, and the threat that such value posed, and maintained a culture where security was always a focal point. Prior to joining Blackstone in 1997, Hal was the Head of Global Risk Management and Proprietary Trading at Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.